Canon P29DIV Calculator
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Canon P29DIV Calculator
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The P29-D IV is ideal for the busy office and offers convenient functions such as 'Mark Up' for quick calculation of profit margins and a currency conversion function. In addition, the P29-D IV is mains powered therefore require no batteries or adaptor to operate.

AC Power Source
Plug directly into the main powersource so there is no need for batteries or adaptors.
Canola Key Layout & Fluorescent Tube Display
Building on the popular success of Canon's previous P29-D models, the clear Canola key layout is retained - as is the large and highly legible Fluorescent Tube Display.
Colour Printing
Colour printing to distinguish between positive numbers (black) and negative numbers (red).
Delta Percent Key
To calculate the increase / decrease ratio between two numbers to quickly find business performance indicators such as growth.
Fast printing
An advanced printer head delivers a rapid printing speed of 3.6 lines per second.
Productivity Features
Supports business calculations (cost, sell and margin) and currency conversion.