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Brand: Canon
Canon CLI42 Magenta Ink Cartridge - 48 pages A3+
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This CLI-42 Magenta Photo Ink delivers improved color, a wider color gamut and better color fastness. With these individual ink tanks you can reduce waste and save you money by only replacing the color that runs out. Print with genuine Canon ink and photo paper to achieve optimum results.
Chromalife100/Chromalife100+ Technology
It’s all too easy for photos to become faded and lifeless – spoiling your memories in the process. But with Canon’s ChromaLife100 / ChromaLife100+ system, you can produce photos that stay vibrant, colourful and fresh-looking for up to 300 years*. The ChromaLife100+ triangle ChromaLife100 / ChromaLife100+ uses three elements: Canon's FINE print head Canon inks Canon photo papersTogether, they can protect your precious photo prints against all the normal causes of photo fading – light, high temperatures, humidity, and environmental gases – for generations.
FINE Print Head Technology
After developing the basic mechanisms used in inkjet printers, Canon has continued to foster new ideas and original technologies in the field. FINE is the key technology behind these innovations. FINE's ink ejection mechanism and print head manufacturing technology have enabled Canon to achieve dramatic improvements in image quality, gradation expression, and image stability. Microscopic ink droplets and precise ejection are essential to high image quality. With conventional ejection systems, the finer the ink droplets, the more vulnerable they are to airflow disturbances from print head movement and changes in ink viscosity due to temperature fluctuations, resulting in inconsistent ejection volumes and ink dot placement. Canon's FINE print head ensures that all the ink under the heater is pushed out in a single ejection to ensure efficient performance. Ink droplet speed has been increased to more than 1.5 times that of conventional systems, reducing their susceptibility to airflow disturbances to enable increased placement accuracy.
48 pages A3+
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